Movable Kitchen Soak Tank With Casters And Brake Heating Optional

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Agsonic
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-168
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiation
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-20days
Supply Ability: 100pcs/month
Material: Stainless Steel 304 Model: Movable Kitchen Soak Tank
Capacity: 258 L Application: With Casters And Brake
Heater: 20-80℃ Adjustable Function: Restaurant Hotel Cleaning
Working Time: Works 24hours 7days Tank: Remove Stubborn Carbon Fat
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heated dip tank


stainless steel soak tank


Movable Kitchen Soak Tank With Casters And Brake Heating Optional


Let the Soak Tank do the dirty work

Our deep cleaning detergents will get the job done every time. When combined with hot water, it becomes a very cost effective and active cleaning agent. A short soak in this liquid at a controlled temperature of around 85C/185F, will de-grease and remove the most stubborn types of carbon, fat and grease build ups commonly found on cooking and baking equipment.


Kitchen Soak Tanks AKA (Also Known As)

Say Goodbye To Difficult Cleaning

Are you tired of wasting labor on hard-to-clean kitchen items such as utensils, racks, grates, pans, pots, and hood filters? Thankfully, our fully certified and experienced technicians at SOAK TANK have come up with a way to resolve this! Our Soak Tank Service Program offers a solution that’s specifically designed for soaking those hard-to-clean kitchen utensils and dishware. Simply place your dirty kitchen items in the soak tank overnight, remove them in the morning, and rinse.

Usage and Storage

Our Soak tanks have been custom designed in size to suit both small to large businesses. We have 2 size tanks on offer to suit both small or large commercial kitchens. For regular smaller Items, simply fill the tank to the desired level to suit your needs. For small or large Items such as commercial grease filters, large pots, pans and baking trays. For maximum use, Fill the tank 15cm below the top. Although spacious inside, our tanks have been designed to fit neatly under any standard commercial kitchen bench top.

What is a Soak Tank?

Kitchen soak tanks are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. Each power operated self-contained tank is double skinned, fully insulated and is equipped with its own illuminated digital controlled thermostat. The tanks include:

Are There Water Savings? How About US $1,000 To US $2,500

Kitchen Soak Tanks come in several different sizes which are measured by the amount of water they hold. This water is replaced monthly. Think of the hot water savings here compared to water usage required in a three compartment sink. Typically a three compartment sink will use around 800 gallons (3,028 Litres) of water per day. With the cost of water averaging around US $2 per 1,000 gallons (AUD $3 per 1,000 litres) – it does not include water heating costs. With a Kitchen Soak Tank the extended use and associated costs of using your three compartment sink can be dramatically reduced.

Reduce Expenditures On Wash-up Chemicals & Degreasers

Kitchen Soak Tanks will minimize if not remove any necessity to continue using dangerous spray on caustic detergents and expensive degreasers. There are meaningful cost savings to be had by reducing these ongoing kitchen overheads. We believe savings of $500 plus are not unrealistic to expect here to clean your small wares.

Replacement Costs

Why discard heavily soiled cooking equipment such a pizza pans sheet pans and sauté pans etc. and purchase new items. Are you simply throwing good money down the drain? Why not just rejuvenate your small wares in the soak tank?

Beware Of Work Place Compensation Claims

Many products used in commercial kitchens to clean cooking utensils are very caustic. It’s a fact; an everyday workers compensation claim resulting from using a dangerous chemical can and will cost you plenty! Why chance it – get a Kitchen Soak Tank.


What are the advantages of soak tanks?

Forget paying ongoing costs for range hood filter cleaning service; it’s very easy and simple to self-clean your filters in your soak tank. Eliminate labour time in scrubbing baking trays, pots, pans, baking straps utensils etc. Our tanks are so efficient, refilling our tanks are only required once a month. Saving on the water required with continuous hand washing. Most importantly, a soak tank gives you the freedom of maintaining a healthy.

Why pay up front for a soak tank?

Ever heard the expression “rent money is dead money”?

The answer is simple; the life of a soak tank is a minimum of 10 years before any parts need to be replaced. The average rental cost for even a smaller tanks is approximately $250 per month, total rental over a 10 year period is approximately $3000 per / year x 10 years = 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS (and you still don’t own it). As an example, by purchasing one of our large sizes soak tanks for $2800 over a 10 year period you are looking at less than $24.00 per month and $288.00 per year that you have already paid up front.



Kitchen Soak Tanks Reduce Staffing Costs US $2000 – US $6,000 Per Year!

Soak Tanks reduce operating overheads by eliminating all scrubbing to remove carbon and grease build ups on everyday cook ware. If you can eliminate just one hour per day of staff time spent on cleaning cooking utensils, you could save in excess of $3,000 over the course of a single year. In reality most kitchens will presently waste 2 to 3 man hours per day in attempts to clean their cook wares. Your annual labour savings alone will more than pay for our soak tank.



One person operation with hand held control

Load bearing of 260 kg

OH&S compliant, making the workpalce safer

Easily load up to 15 range hood filters

Neoprene seal under the lid keeping the heat in and reducing power costs.

Food grade stainless steel with a double insulated frame allowing for temperature adjustments.


Safety features

Gas strut lid, making opening and closing safer

Heavy duty lockable castors

Automatic overload cut off

Limit switch



Model Volume Tank size (mm) Unit Size (mm) Basket size (mm)
TS-168 168L 655*410*625 755*510*785 605*390*595
TS-211 211L 750*450*625 850*550*785 700*430*595
TS-258 258L 890*480*605 990*580*800 840*460*575
TS-274 274L 840*480*680 940*580*875 790*460*650
TS-388 388L 1080*460*680 1480*560*875 1060*440*650
TS-483 483L 1365*520*680 1465*620*875 1315*500*650


Small tank: suitable for canopy fitlers, grill tops, pans and small trays.

Medium tank(popular size): suitable for busy medium sized pans and large trays & oven racks.

Large tank: suitable for greasy filters, pots, baking trays, etc,

From 10 gallons to 90 gallons We also offer custom sizes for larger applications.

Different tank size is available,We also offer custom sizes for larger applications.


The heater remains off 75%-80% of the time

Plugs into regular wall outlet


Made from Commercial grade stainless steel

Fully insulated

Thermostatically controlled

Works 24/7


How to use ?


Competitive Advantage:


Soak Tank Degreasers-Best Soak Tank Degreasers

Save Soak Tank System helps catering / hospitality related businesses cut costs and increase efficiency

SAVINGS: Up to €600 per month can be saved if manual pot washing is reduced by just ONE hour



Items are loaded into the unit and left to soak for varying lengths of time. The time in the appliance will be determined by the amount of Carbon build up. A light rinse is required before using items. Use the lifting basket to immerse items into the unit. There are a number of slots in the basket side arm. Raise and lower to the appropriate slot to faciliate filling and emptying.

Drain Down Regular Floor Drain

Screw the Adaptor into the ball valve.

Connect the hose to the adaptor.Place the end of the hose into the floor drain.


Open the valve slowly.

When the solution has drained, remove the basket and clean in the sink.Collect any sludge that accumulates in the trough at the bottom of the unit.Rinse the inside of the unit with clean water until it is thoroughly clean.

Close the ball valve.

Replace the basket.


lockable castor wheels

Movable Kitchen Soak Tank With Casters And Brake Heating Optional 0 Lid And Basket

Movable Kitchen Soak Tank With Casters And Brake Heating Optional 1

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