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Effective Tabletop Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz

Effective Tabletop Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz

    • Effective Tabletop Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz
    • Effective Tabletop Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz
  • Effective Tabletop Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: AG SONIC
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: TD48-500

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: 1pcs/carton
    Delivery Time: 3 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal
    Supply Ability: 3000pcs/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: Multi-frequency Tabletop Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz
    Actual Ultrasonic Power: 500W Rated Ultrasonic Power: 600W
    SUS Basket: 1pcs SUS Lid: 1pcs


    Effective Tabletop Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Systems 40KHz / 80KHz / 120KHz


    Brief introduction:

    These professional cost effective tabletop tanks have full industrial grade compound transducers. Ultrasonic power is stated in Average and Peak Watts. The transducers are rugged industrial compound type that assures complete cleaning and will last much longer than the single layer “bender type transducer”. Digital heat control allows you to set the temperature of the liquid up to 80 deg. C [176 F] and the ultrasonic tank has an on / off control. The Digital timer for ultrasonic power can be set up to 30 min and has an on / off control [automatic repeat of set time.]. The combination of the Industrial grade transducers and adjustable heat allow you to select the right combination of frequency and heat to accomplish any cleaning process. A built in cooling fan keeps the electronics cool and is on as long as the unit is on. Frequency can be set either manually to operate at 1 frequency or rotate though the 3 frequencies as each times out.


    Features and benefits typical for the ultrasonic cleaning systems include:

    • Ultrasonic cleaning that reduces or eliminates the need of cleaning chemicals
    • Compound Industrial Transducers
    • Digital Heat Control
    • Digital Timer 0-30 min
    • 40 kHz / 80 kHz /120 kHz Frequency Auto or Manual Selection
    • Automatic Sweep Frequency
    • 304 Stainless Steel Tank and Drain
    • Manual Drain Valve .5″ Stainless Steel
    • Stainless Steel Lid
    • Internal Cooling Fan
    • Certification CE, EMC, ROHS, FCC
    • Stainless Steel Basket



    Healthcare Dental and surgical instruments, optical, podiatry, general practice, hospitals, medical components
    Manufacturing: Aerospace, pharmaceutical, defence, medical devices and orthopaedic implants, automotive, marine, filtration, moulding, food and beverage, plating & surface finishing, semi-conductors, printing technology and equipment.
    Maintenance Automotive servicing, jewellery & watches, tools, weapons, Heat exchangers, oil & gas, commercial coffee boiler
    Laboratory Scientific Research, Mixing, Cell Disruption, extraction, pharmaceutical Sonochemistry
    Others window blind, golf club, tattoo equipment, anilox roller, music equipment, weapons, electronics, etc.



    Other models for your choice:

    Model Tank size Unit size Volume Actual ultrasonic power Rated ultrasonic power Ultrasonic frequency Heating power Timer Heating temperature
    LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (W) (kHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
    TB-30 150x85x65 175x110x125 0.8 30 30 40 no 1-30 no
    TC-50 150x135×100 175x160x210 2 50 60 40 150 1-30 0-80
    TC-100 240x135x100 265x165x220 3.2 100 120 150
    TC-150A 300x150x100 325x180x225 4.5 150 180 300
    TC-150B 300x150x150 325x180x280 6.5 150 180 300
    TC-200 300x240x150 325x265x280 10.8 200 240 450
    TC-300 330x300x150 360x325x285 15 300 360 450
    TC-400 500x300x150 530x325×285 22 400 480 600
    TC-500 500x300x200 530x325x325 30 500 600 600




    Q: What cleaning solution should I use?

    A: Advanced cleaning solutions are made up of a variety of detergents, wetting agents and other reactive components. A large variety of different formulas designed for specific applications. Proper selection is crucial for acceptable cleaning activity and to prevent unwanted reactions with the workpiece.


    Q: Can ultrasonic cleaning damage parts?

    A: Ultrasonic can't damage parts.

    Ultrasonic cleaning is considered safe for most parts, although in some cases it is necessary to observe caution. Although the effects of thousands of implosions per second is very powerful, the cleaning process is safe.


    Q.: What are the advantages of ultrasound over traditional cleaning methods?

    A.: Compared with traditional methods of ultrasonic cleaning allows you to:

    · minimize the use of manual labor

    · make cleaning and degreasing without the use of organic solvents

    · clean hard to reach areas of products and remove all types of dirt

    · shorten the processes such as extraction, dispersion, purification, chemical reactions

    · eliminates costly mechanical and chemical cleaning of heat exchangers



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    AG Sonic Technology limited

    Contact Person: Tina

    Tel: +8618617056835

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