Instrument Tool Denture Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner Fast Removing Bloodstain

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGSONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: TB-200
Minimum Order Quantity: 1UNIT
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs / Month
Material: Stainless Steel 304 Application: Surgical Instrument Sterilizer
Frequency:: Multi Frequency Voltage:: 110/220V
Tank Capacity:: 10L Ultrasonic Power: 150W
High Light:

Denture Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner


Removing Bloodstain Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner


Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 10L

Instrument Tool Denture Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Fast Removing Bloodstain



Instrument Tool Denture Digital Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine thorough Cleaning Fast Removing Bloodstain


How effective is ultrasonic cleaning?

Through the years many studies that demonstrate the reliability and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning have been published. Some of these studies demonstrate the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning in standardizing the cleaning process and removing dried serum, whole blood, and viruses from contaminated instruments.9,11,12 Other studies have found that ultrasonic cleaners are significantly more effective and efficient than manual scrubbing,11,13 which is difficult to standardize and can vary in effectiveness from person-to-person.12 In contrast to manual scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaners are automated and standardized and designed to clean surfaces that might otherwise be inaccessible.


Why is Ultrasonic Cleaning so Efficient and Effective?

When cavitation happens near a dirty object, the vacuum action produced by those million of bubbles constantly imploding creates a tiny pressure wave that reaches deep into every nook and cranny of even the most delicate items. This tiny pressure wave dislodges and breaks up the dirt and other contaminants and gently lifts it away. The result is very fast and effective cleaning.

How AGSONIC Ultrasonic Machines Create Cavitation

To create cavitation, AGSONIC Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems use our state-of-the-art Prowave™ Digital Generators to power electro-mechanical transducers that are submerged in a tank of hot water. These generators activate the transducers which then vibrate very quickly. This vibration sends sound waves through the water at frequencies ranging from 25 to 40kHz which produces cavitation.


Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner


Effective sterilization requires effective Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner and when it comes to cleaning reusable instruments and equipment, our equipment & detergents meets the most demanding criteria. Our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are used to assist with the cleaning of instruments that cannot be adequately cleaned manually such as spiral wound instruments like biopsy forceps etc. The ultrasonic vibration at the frequency used for cleaning does not kill microorganisms and infective aerosols may be produced.

Ultrasonic cleaners work by subjecting instruments to high frequency, high-energy sound waves. This causes the soil to be dislodged from instruments and drop to the bottom of the tank, or be sufficiently loosened that it will be removed during the rinsing process. The detergent used in the ultrasonic tank must be carefully selected in accordance with advice from the tank's manufacturer. Optimally it will be a neutral, low-foaming product and enzymatic cleaners will have enhanced benefits in this process..


Applications: Medical and scientific labs, Cleaning metal and plastic machine parts, Electronic components


Ultrasonic Sonifier Cell Disruptors .


Ultrasonic Sonifier Cell Disruptors are designed to bring the industry’s most advanced sample-processing capabilities to your laboratory. They are geared toward low-volume samples ranging from 0.2 to 500 mL. These Sonifier Cell Disruptors deliver up to 550 watts of power. They are quiet enough to operate on a lab bench without a sound enclosure. They are available with either a conventional or a handheld converter and can be used in a stack configuration to process longer-duration samples, or process samples quickly by hand using the comfortable, ergonomically-designed handheld converter. Some of the features are:


Handheld Converter - Offers an ergonomic grip for comfort and control, and a recessed push button and LED indicator for assured operation


Energy Mode - Manages the processing cycle to deliver a precise, user-determined input of ultrasonic energy (measured in joules), either continuously or in individual pulses. They automatically compensates for any variability, extending or shortening the cycle as needed to deliver the precise energy output

Process Monitoring - Monitors ongoing processes on a scrollable, digital screen, providing continuous updates of key variables including power level, energy usage, sample temperature, and experiment progress

Sample-Processing Programs - Enables users to create and store up to 20 sample processing programs. Program parameters include continuous or pulsed ultrasonics; time, energy, or temperature control modes; pulse on-time/energy, off-time and total on-time/energy; or amplitude as a percentage



Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove contamination and sterilise any dental equipment quickly and effectively.



Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove all the contamination of lenses without damage. We at Industrial Ultrasonics regularly clean our glasses and sunglasses in the ultrasonics.


It only takes seconds to completely remove oil and dirt which has built up. Ultrasonics can be used for all forms of optical devices and optical device manufacturing.



Instrument Cleaning

Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove all the contamination from instruments used in the Medical industry. Ultrasonics cleans and sterilises far above all medical cleaning standards allowing for fast and effective cleaning every time


Device Manufacturing

The Ideal Ultrasonic Cleaners for this industry are the agsonic Powersonic Units.

Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove all the contamination from medical device components during the manufacturing process. Ultrasonics is fast and effective cleaning far above all medical cleaning standards.

Day Surgeries

Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove all the contamination from medical components during the manufacturing process. Ultrasonics is fast and effective cleaning far above all medical cleaning standards.


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for use in the Pharmaceutical industry

Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning systems are used in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing process to deliver the highest cleaning standards.


our high precision ultrasonic cleaning systems are installed and used in numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing companies across the UK and Ireland.


Other models for your choice:

Model Tank size Unit size Volume Actual ultrasonic power Rated ultrasonic power Ultrasonic frequency Heating power Time Heater
LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (W) (kHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
TB-50 150x135x100 175x160x210 2 50 60 40 150 1-30 0-80
TB-100 240x135x100 265x165x220 3.2 100 120 150
TB-150A 300x150x100 325x180x225 4.5 150 180 300
TB-150B 300x150x150 325x180x280 6.5 150 180 300
TB-200 300x240x150 325x265x280 10.8 200 240 450
TB-300 330x300x150 360x325x285 15 300 360 450
TB-400 500x300x150 530x325x285 22 400 480 600
TB-500 500x300x200 530x325x325 30 500 600 600


Digital Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Our digital series of medical ultrasonic cleaner is eqquiped with LED digital readouts of timer as well as temperature controller. The machines comes with micro-processor based ultrasonic generator which is installed within the cleaning machines thereby saving a lot of space and making it a benchtop cleaning applicaion machines.

Our digital medical ultrasonic cleaner holds upto- 25-30 liers of water capcity and can Clean all types of surgical instuments within 3-5 minutes of applications. The machine is very handy and easy to operate and come with a stainless steel mesh basket. We use SS body for all our machines makes.

Digital Medical ultrasonic cleaner is used in CSSD units, clinics, hospitals OTs , laboratories and other places.



Hospital Ultrasonic Cleaner

We are one of the leading manufacturers,suppliers and exporters of hospital and medical ultrasonic cleaning machines. We have our standard 30 Lites Ultrasonic Cleaner which has 600 Watts of ultrasonic power. it comes with digital temperature controller as well as digital timer.

The digital timer is adjustable hours of continuous running of the machine whereas the digital temperature controller can be used to set the temperature of the liquid from 0-80 deg cel. The machine is made up of SS 316 metal with 2mm sheet thinkess.  



The following list of questions may be helpful in the purchase of an ultrasonic cleaner:

1. What are the dimensions of the ultrasonic cleaner? Is the size of its processing chamber sufficient to accommodate the widths and lengths of all of the facility's soiled instruments?

2. How much power does the ultrasonic cleaner produce? Does the cleaner feature one power setting, or it is equipped with different power settings to permit processing of lightly- and heavily-soiled instruments, as well as delicate instruments?

3. What is the ultrasonic cleaner's frequency setting? Can it be adjusted?

4. What is the ultrasonic cleaner's standard cleaning time? Can this time be adjusted to permit extended cleaning for big loads and heavily-soiled instruments?

5. Is the ultrasonic cleaner labeled for only a few types of instruments? Does the ultrasonic cleaner's manufacturer have any data to support its cleaning effectiveness? What types of instruments if any are contraindicated?

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