Oil Filtration Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaner 100L Anti Corrosion

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGSONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-30S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1UNIT
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs / Month
Material: Stainless Steel 304 Application: Engine Parts With Filtration System
Name: Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank Capacity: 100L
Frequency: 40Khz 28 Khz Power Supply: AC110~130V, AC 220~240V, 50/60 Hz
High Light:

Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaner 100L


Oil Filtration Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaner


Anti Corrosion Ultrasonic Engine Cleaner

Oil Filtration Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaner 100L Anti Corrosion



The Advantages of Precise Instruments ​ultrasonic cleaning machine


Ultrasonic cleaning machine delivers high performance industrial strength, cleaning action on Engine block, carburetor and Engine parts

01: Cleans carbon deposits from carburetors and all manner of engine parts

02: Removes stubborn oil grease, lubricants, paint, rust, and dirty (with-pre-cleaning in same cases

03: Precise Instruments

04: Penetrates deep into the part and cleans holes, small apertures and crevices

05: Clean sensitive parts like wiring and plastic without damage

06: Does not require line-of-sight for effective cleaning

07: Ensures part longevity due to high degree of cleanliness



Model: T-30S details:


Model T-30S (digital timer&heater, Power adjustable)
Capacity 108liter
Tank size 600x450x400mm (LxWxH)
Unit size 730x618x700mm (LxWxH)
Packaging size 850x708x850mm (wooden case)
Ultrasonic power 600~1500W adjustable
Heating power 3000W
Timer 1~99mins adjustable
Heater 20~80C adjustable
Frequency 40,000Hz
Power supply AC110~130V, AC 220~240V, 50/60 Hz
Tank material SUS304, 2mm thickness
Shell Material SUS304, 1mm thickness
Others With drainage, basket, lid
N.W./ G.W. 73KG/98KG
Warranty 1 year& tech support for life




The cleaning scope of AG Precise Instruments ​ultrasonic cleaning machine

Suitable for all types of Precise Instruments

AG Precise Instruments ultrasonic cleaning machine effectively and thoroughly clean all types of engine parts

01: Automotive: thoroughly removes carbon deposits, grease, and other types of dirty and contaminants from carburetor, exhaust manifolds, cylinder blocks, 2-stroke and 4 stroke motorcycle engines, snow machines, ATV cylinders and heads, and more.

02: Marine: Suitable for inboard and outboard motors, the cleaning chemistry is both thorough and gentle on the aluminum parts reducing the risk of future corrosion

03: Aircraft: The high performance demands of aircraft engines establish the need for an intensive cleaning process that will restore the engine part to near original condition, our engine block ultrasonic cleaning machine easily, thoroughly, and safely clean both large and small parts, turbine blades, fuel nozzles, generator components, brakes and other parts that require periodic cleaning are all effectively and thoroughly cleaned using the ultrasonic cleaning process

Choosing the right combination for your specific situation can be challenging if this is your first time, just send email to AG SONIC, we will quickly help you identify the optimum product and cleaning chemistry combo

Why choose ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean our engine block and engine parts?

Clean intricate and difficult to reach areas easily

A major challenge of any cleaning system is the difficulty faced in tackling tiny spaces, intricate geometries, and difficult to reach surfaces, ultrasonic cleaning penetrates even blind holes and small apertures, that previously had hit-and miss success rates, the uniform agitation of the cleaning solution ensures that the cleaning action penetrates even hard to reach areas that previously required specialized brushes and other complicated cleaning devices with no real guarantee of a successful and consistent cleaning outcome, various factors go into determining which combination of an ultrasonic unit and chemical solution is suited to your particular requirement

For effective cleaning the ultrasonic cleaning machine must use the right of cleaning chemistry, operate at the right temperature and use the correct frequency, the part to be cleaned the contaminant to be removed and the degree of soil, determine this, our years of experience advising manufacturing and maintenance clients on the right process for their cleaning needs help us identify the exact product combo that you need, just send AG SONIC email or call us, and we’ll guide you to the right solution quickly


Ultrasonic cleaning is the fastest, most economical and efficient method of removing dirt, oil, grease, rust, flux, oxide film and other contaminants from visible and invisible surfaces. An object immersed inside an ultrasonic cleaner becomes a sound wave conductor and helps clean itself. Most intricate parts may be cleaned without disassembly. The cleaning efficiency of this method is not duplicated by any other available means. Ultrasonic cleaning is the application of a high-frequency sound wave to an aqueous solution or solvent. The introduction of this sound wave into cleaning solution creates millions of microscopic bubbles, which expand and collapse (implode) vigorously. The agitation produced by the formation and implosion of these bubbles effects an intense scrubbing action upon submerged parts in the cleaning tank and removes accumulations and residues.



Precision Cleaning Power is faster, more consistent and safer than many other methods. It is powerful enough to remove heavy oils, buffing compounds, or proteins, consistent enough to manage difficult laboratory cleaning every time and safe enough for delicate electronic components or fine jewellery.

Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation, the rapid formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles. This violent collapse, along with the cleaning chemistry, scrubs every wetted surface.

The deep cleaning action of ultrasonics removes the most stubborn contamination, even from blind holes and internal surfaces.

HEAT enhances this process.

The AGsonic cleaners now include the same high power, rugged transducers fitted on industrial systems. Coupled with a unique sweep frequency capability, to eliminate standing waves and create even cleaning, providing the best cleaning every time.



Engine Parts Ultrasonic Cleaners


Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaners is primarily an aqueous tank systemthat uses ultrasonic energy to remove dirt, grease, oiland baked-on carbon from parts. Contaminants such aspaint, rust, glued-on gaskets, and heavy layers of bake don carbon can also be removed by ultrasonic cleaning but require more aggressive chemistries. Unlike someother cleaning processes, ultrasonic cleaning will notdamage intricate, lightweight, or easily damaged parts.


All ultrasonic baths are supplied complete with lid and basket


AGSONIC ultra sonic cleaning of all parts old and new prior to assembly of the engine. This Ultrasonic Cleaning Method is long known as the "benchmark" in cleaning. Ultrasonic cavitation is able to clean right down to the surface of a part and beyond. It is also able to reach internal areas, which are not accessible by using other cleaning means including spray and mechanical agitation. The forceful nature of ultrasonic energy provides the physical "push" required to break the mechanical and ionic bonds that hold very small particles to surfaces.


Ultrasonic Cleaning of Engine Parts, Car engine parts, Truck engine parts and Motor bike engine parts

Our Ultrasonic cleaning process, can effectively clean the following components- Aluminum castings, engine blocks, Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, Engines, Engine Components, Gear Boxes, Filters, Tubes and Valves.




Engine Parts Ultrasonic Cleaners Product Description

Welcome to Cylinder Heads And Engine Blocks Cleaning, Truck Engine Parts Cleaning, 


Our Ultrasonic cleaning process, can effectively clean the following components- Cylinder Heads And Engine Blocks And Aircraft Parts ,Aluminum castings, engine blocks, Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, Engines, Engine Components, Gear Boxes, Filters, Tubes and Valves.

AG Cylinder Heads And Engine Blocks ultrasonic cleaning machine are revolutionizing cleaning methods and processes on the Valve Plates  , our Valve Plates And Aircraft Parts ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean all kinds of automotive, aircraft, and marine engine parts, ultrasonic technology for cleaning parts eliminates manual labor while providing you with superior cleaning action, most parts can be cleaned with environmentally friendly water-based solutions


Manufactured from high grade stainless steel (tanks grade 316, external covers grade 304).

• Choice of operating frequency, 25kHz or 40kHz.

• Tanks and Generators continuously rated for heavy duty operation.

• Range of 4 tanks sizes, heated or non heated.

• Can be fitted into existing worktops for flush fitting.

• Full service back-up.

• Stainless steel work baskets to suit each tank size. Threaded stainless steel input and output connections.

• High efficiency cleaning.


Engine Parts Ultrasonic Cleaners Features of the machine:

• Low maintainence machine

• Heavy duty cleaning systems

• Chemical friendly- SS Rust proof body

• Industrial guage farication, build to last

• One year warrenty on any manufacturing defect

• Completely customized to suit the cleaning requirement

• Less human interfearance and less scope of error

• Accurate and uniform cleaning everytime


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