Electronics Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 30L for Computer Monitor Keyboards Cleaning 40khz

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AG SONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: TA-500
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiation
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 1pcs/carton
Delivery Time: 3 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3000units/month
Model: 30L Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Power: 600W Mechanical
Heating Power: 600W Mechanical Frequency: 40khz
Accessory: Lid, Basket, Power Cord Warranty: 1 Year
Packing: Carton Lead Time: 3 Working Days
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industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks


Electronics Ultrasonic Cleaner 30L for Computer Monitor Keyboards Cleaning 40khz


The standard machine is with 40khz frequency. If need, 28khz, 80khz, 120khz, etc. are also available.

Please choose the suitable frequency according to the cleaning objects.


Ultrasonics, the Only Way to Thoroughly Clean Electronics.

There is only one way to ensure that electronic devices and components are thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated and ready to be returned to service; and that way is with AG SONIC Ultrasonics. With AG SONIC Ultrasonics, dirt, grease, bacteria, soot and any other contaminants are completely removed from the item with no loss of performance. In fact, with proper training, most items can be cleaned in less than two minutes and returned to service as soon as drying is complete.


Why electronics needs to be cleaned?

An unavoidable fact about our modern world is that electronics surround us. Regardless if it’s in the form of personal computers, cell phones, iPads, electrical appliances, tools, machinery, toys, etc., electronics are everywhere.

Another unavoidable fact is that, with use, electronics get very dirty. Dirt and other contaminants are more than an inconvenience. If not cleaned properly, dirt on electronic components can cause the device to:

In order to protect users, preserve data and keep society running smoothly, it’s very important for electronics of all types to not just be regularly cleaned, but cleaned thoroughly.


What Types of Electronics Can You Clean with Ultrasonics?

With Ultrasonics, the list of what you can clean is virtually endless. The following is just a short list of the many things you can clean.


Other applications:

  1. Medicine: Washing and polishing of optics, sterilization and cleaning of surgical instruments, vials, dental and pharmaceutical industries; cleaner reusable, molds.
  2. Engineering: Cleaning of parts, pipes, wires, etc. before finishing, machining parts and components to the preservation, processing of parts after reopening, welding, grinding, polishing, cleaning strainers in the fuel and hydraulic systems, deburring parts.
  3. Instrumentation: Washing and polishing of optics, precision mechanics components, integrated circuits and printed circuit boards.



Model Tank size Unit size Volume Ultrasonic power Ultrasonic frequency Heating power Timer Heating temperature
LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (kHz) (W) (MIN) ()
TA-50 150x135x100 175x160x210 2 60 40 150 1-30 0-80
TA-100 240x135x100 265x165x220 3.2 120 150
TA-150A 300x150x100 325x180x225 4.5 180 300
TA-150B 300x150x150 325x180x280 6.5 180 300
TA-200 300x240x150 325x265x280 10.8 240 450
TA-300 330x300x150 360x325x285 15 360 450
TA-400 500x300x150 530x325x285 22 480 600
TA-500 500x300x200 530x325x325 30 600 600




How Can You Clean Electronics in Water?

We’ve all been told to never put electronics in water. This is certainly true of any electronic device that’s still plugged in, but for electronics that are not plugged-in, cleaning them with water is not a problem… if you clean and dry them correctly.

And cleaning electronics correctly is big business.


Electronics Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 30L for Computer Monitor Keyboards Cleaning 40khz 0

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