Machine Double-Tank For Automotive Rubber Injection Moulds 265 Gallons 1000L Capacity

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AG SONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-3160S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1unit
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 1unit/wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300units/month
Industry: 1000L Capacity Tank Capacity: 1000L Capacity
Parts 1: Basket Parts 2: Machine Double-Tank
Application: Injection Moulds Warranty: 1 Year
Timer: 1-99min Adjustable Heater: 20-80c Adjustable
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industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks


Machine Double-Tank For Automotive Rubber Injection Moulds 265 Gallons 1000L Capacity


Selecting the cleaning equipment is governed to a large extent by the size of molds being cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaners are available ranging from small benchtop units to industrial-sized floor-mounted equipment that can be fitted for automated cleaning and rinsing cycles. But do select a cleaner with a heater, timer and sweep mode.

The process is fairly straightforward regardless of equipment size. Here’s a simplified description that can be modified based on your specific operations:

  1. Fill the ultrasonic cleaner with water but allow room for cleaning solution displacement due to the size of the molds being cleaned. Add the proper amount of biodegradable cleaning solution concentrate. Ask the scientists at Tovatech to recommend the correct formulation based on the type of contaminants you are removing and what the mold itself is made of.
  2. When you are ready to clean place the injection molds in the cleaner basket. Take care that they do not contact each other. If you are cleaning large parts you may suspend them in the cleaning solution so they do not contact the tank bottom. Some industrial cleaners are equipped with bottom racks to support products being cleaned.
  3. Set the heater to 65 C and timer from 10 to 60 minutes depending on the degree of contamination. Activate the sweep mode to assure uniform distribution of cavitation and promote uniform cleaning then lower the molds into the solution. With experience you will establish optimum cleaning conditions.
  4. At the end of the cycle remove the molds and inspect. When satisfied, rinse them with fresh hot water and allow them to dry or blow them dry with compressed air. Note that intricate configurations and cavities may trap water that should be removed by adding an electric drying oven to your setup.

Rinsing tip: You’ll want to thoroughly remove cleaning solution residues. Complex shapes may call for a spray rinse or, in certain cases, rinsing by cavitation in an ultrasonic rinse tank.


How to Clean Large Plastic Injection Molds

Complex molds require careful cleaning.

Complex injection molds represent substantial investments by plastic injection molding companies which, in order to protect their investments, must establish cleaning procedures to remove a variety of stubborn contaminants. These include burned on residues, oils, flashing and grease that if allowed to remain will result in product rejection by the quality control department. Hand scrubbing with solvents simply does not do the job. In addition to being time consuming, manual cleaning introduces potential health hazards for personnel and solvent disposal challenges. The solution is using an ultrasonic cleaner instead of scrubbing in a solvent-based parts washer.


Why an Ultrasonic Cleaner is Ideal for Injection Molding

In three words: thorough, safe and fast. Contaminants missed by manual cleaning are usually those deep in crevices and on other surfaces impossible to reach. Moreover, highly finished mold surfaces can be scratched or otherwise damaged by manual processes. Large molds can be difficult to maneuver, further risking damage during manual cleaning. And the longer it takes to clean the molds the greater the risk of damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning action solves all three issues.

It is thorough because it reaches all mold surfaces immersed in a biodegradable water-based ultrasonic cleaning solution. It is safe because while the cleaning action can be termed “violent” it occurs so fast that highly polished injection mold surfaces are not damaged during the cleaning process. By fast we mean 10 to 15 minutes although large complex molds may require a longer cleaning cycle.

Plastic Mold Cleaning by Cavitation Action

Cavitation action is described as the implosion of countless minute bubbles against surfaces of products immersed in the cleaning solution. Bubbles are created when generator-powered transducers bonded to the ultrasonic cleaner tank vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies measured in thousands of cycles per second or kilohertz (kHz).



Product Description

Our multi tank ultrasonic cleaning systems combined with the hot air dryer can be used as an effective part cleaning line by housing heated cleaning solution, cascading DI rinse water, and a final cascading DI rinse water with a final hot air dry step. The process would move from left to right: the parts would be cleaned, rinsed, rinsed and then dried.


The clean tank can be optionally equipped with pump filter systems which provide 5 micron filtration of the alkaline cleaning passivation solution. The common configuration shown is 3.5 gallon tanks, but any size tanks can be used in similar configuration use.



For applications requiring multiple ultrasonics frequencies (28 kHz, 40 kHz, 80 kHz, 120 kHz, etc), the floor standing ultrasonic console cabinets are fully customizable per customer requirements with multiple ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic rinse tanks. Each tank is individually digital timer controlled with digital temperature controller for tank heats from 80F to 180+F. The ultrasonic cleaning system is fully customizable to any configuration of tanks: wash, overflow rinse, passivation, acid etch, etc and layout

3 Tank Injection Molds, Blow Molds Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine With Each Tank's Dimension 1200*1000*800mm

Model No. T-2144
Ultrasonic tank size(mm) 1200*1000*800mm
Rinsing tank size(mm) 1200*1000*800mm
Capacity 960L
Ultrasonic power 7200W
Heating power 15KW
Transducer numbers 144pcs
Ultrasonic frequency 28khz or 40khz
Timer 0~30min adjustable
Heater 20~80C adjustable
Material Stainless steel 304
Power supply AC220V, 3phase , AC380V/415V 3phase
Optional Filtration system



ultrasonic tank models for your choice:

Model Tank size Unit size Volume Ultrasonic power Frequency Heating power Timer Heating temperature
LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (kHz) (KW) (MIN) (℃)
T-12S 500x300x250 640x440x470 38 600 28/40 1.5 1-99







T-18S 500x350x350 640x490x570 61 900 1.5
T-24S 550x400x400 690x540x620 88 1200 3
T-30S 600x450x400 740x590x620 108 1500 3
T-36S 600x500x450 740x640x670 135 1800 4.5
T-48S 700x500x500 840x640x720 175 2400 6
T-60S 800x600x550 940x740x770 264 3000 7.5
T-72S 1000x600x600 1140x740x820 360 3600 9


Main Features

1) Tank materail is SUS304 with 2mm thickness, Human hand argon welded, Sturdy and durable resistance to high tempearture
2) 50W industrial transducers, outstanding cleaning effects
3) External ultrasonic generator
4) Power adjustable, choose different power according to different cleaning objects
5) Digital timer: 1~99hours timer adjustable. continious working for long time.
6) With memory function, no need to reset time and temperature every time.
7) 20~80C adjustable, 9KW heating panel, faster cleaning
8) Industry use power cord, more safer.
9) Can bear 50~100KG cleaning objects

10) Accessories: Machine with stainless steel basket, drainage, lid, movable castors.

Large Ultrasonic Cleaners


AGSONIC Ultrasonics manufactures large ultrasonic cleaners for the cleaning of heavy and big components with light or heavy contamination. Large tanks are usually required to clean parts such as:
Plastic Injection Molds
Aerospace components
Large batches of smaller parts
Bulk rebuilding of firearms
Heat Exchangers
Engine blocks




Q. "How do I dispose of the waste fluids generated by the ultrasonic cleaner?"

A. In the case of a smaller manufacturer, the cleaning fluids can be collected and disposed of as oily detergent waste. However, many AGSONIC customers are successfully using Wastewater Evaporators to eliminate the waste which is generated by the ultrasonic cleaner. Since ultrasonic cleaning fluid is typically 95% water, this portion of the waste is evaporated. The 5% balance of the waste collects as a sludge in a collection tank which is later disposed of by traditional means. AGSONIC can supply wastewater evaporators to drastically reduce the amount of waste material which requires disposal.

What do I need to consider when purchasing a large ultrasonic cleaner?

When dealing with large liquid volumes and ultrasonic cleaners, there are several considerations:
Tank Integrity: The tank needs to be able to withstand the pressure of the liquids and the weight of the parts being cleaned. This requires a specific tank design that moves the stress points away from welded edges.
Ultrasonic Power: There needs to be enough ultrasonic power to provide the cleaning performance you need.
Ultrasonic Frequency: The frequency chosen will usually be in the low frequency range when cleaning heavy parts, or AGSONIC's patentedCROSSFIREMultiple Frequency Ultrasonic System operating at 25 and 40kHz.
Heating Systems: Large tanks may require extended time to heat to operational temperatures due to the large liquid volume in the tank.
Filtration Systems: Need to be large enough to remove the dirt being removed from the parts, and push to dirt towards to filter system suction port. Filter housings and pumps need to be larger.
High-volume Oil Skimming: When removing greases and oils, a high volume oil skimmer with the ability to isolate surface oils from the cleaning tank is needed to prevent oils from re-depositing onto parts when they are removed.

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