Ultrasonic Gun & Case Cleaner Ultrasonic Heating Bath Industrial 70L

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AG SONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-36S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1unit
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 1unit/wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300units/month
Application: Ultrasonic Gun & Case Cleaner Heating Power: 3KW
Control: Digital Timer Heater Warranty: 1 Year
Material: SS304 Basket: 1 Basket
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industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks


Ultrasonic Gun & Case Cleaner Ultrasonic Heating Bath Industrial 70L


Ultrasonic Gun Rifle Machine Power MeasureMent –Foil Test

The most reliable measurement device for cavitation is a simple foil test. To perform the test, a piece of aluminum foil is placed vertically in the cleaning bath down to the bottom of the tank spanning opposite corners. Typical immersion time for the foil is 1 min in the bath. Upon inspection of the foil, a pattern of indentations, and possibly holes (depending on the foil thickness, frequency and power density) should occur. In a properly designed ultrasonic tank, the pattern on the foil should be uniform and cover the entire area. This shows that even cavitation is occurring, and, therefore, cleaning should be even and consistent. If the pattern is inconsistent and there are dead zones, then inconsistent cleaning can occur.

Poor foil tests can occur for a variety of reasons: lack of generator frequency sweep; improperly matched ultrasonic generator to transducer load; piezoelectric transducers that have degraded or disbonded; lack of ultrasonic power for a given tank volume; poor transducer layout; or inability of the cleaning solution to properly degas and cavitate

Product Description


Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is A Shooter’s Best Preferred Choice

Ultrasonic weapon cleaners like Hornady, Lyman, iSonic, RCBS and many more are used from decades and is the best choice for every shooter today.

These devices used to be expensive and only professionals can afford to buy them. However with changing technology, these are built inexpensive and can be purchased easily using online stores like Amazon.

The main reason to use ultrasonic handgun cleaners is that, the weapon attracts lots of moisture due to overtime usage and begins to deteriorate slowly. Cleaning its exterior as well as interior parts will help to restore it back in good stage making it smoother for shooting.

An ultrasonic weapon cleaner works with powerful high frequency sound waves and is obviously a great way to clean all your weapon parts. Even the place where the gun cleaning brush can not reach easily, can be easily cleared by ultrasonic process.

The cavitation inside the cleaning device makes use of the cleaning solution to brush up the stubborn dirt, carbon and oil residues completely. It also wipes off all the left traces of moisture which may be accumulated on the gun.



Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast and highly efficient way for cleaning complex gun components and instruments used in the defence sector. Ultrawave has supplied a range of ultrasonic cleaning systems to the Ministry Of Defence for cleaning a wide range of parts and components in vehicles and machinery. Our ultrasonic cleans are also used by the armed and police forces, as well as private companies for cleaning and servicing of weapons and munitions.

Ultrasonic Dual Tank Gun Cleaner 36" Dual Tank Ultrasonic Rifle Cleaner


How does ultrasonic Gun Rifle cleaning work?


Contrary to popular belief, cavitation is the force behind ultrasonic cleaning. It is not the sound waves that scrub the part clean – it is the cavitation process set up by the sound waves that scrub the part clean.

During cavitation, micron-size bubbles form and grow due to the alternating positive and negative pressure waves in a solution. The bubbles subjected to these alternating pressure waves continue to grow until they reach resonant size. Just prior to the bubble implosion, there is a tremendous amount of energy stored inside the bubble.

Temperatures inside a cavitating bubble can reach 9,900F with pressures up to 500 atm. The implosion event, when it occurs near a hard surface, changes the bubble into a jet one-tenth the bubble size, which travels at speeds up to 400 km/hr toward the hard surface. With the combination of pressure, temperature and velocity, the jet frees contaminants from their bonds with the substrate. Because of the inherently small size of the jet and the relatively large energy, ultrasonic cleaning has the ability to reach into small crevices and remove entrapped soils effectively.


Ultrasonic Gun Weapons long Ultrasonic Rifle Cleaner Model: T-18S details:

Model T-18S (digital timer&heater, Power adjustable)
Capacity 70 liter
Tank size 140×25×20CM (LxWxH)
Ultrasonic power 360~900W adjustable
Heating power 1.5KW
Timer 1~99mins adjustable
Heater 20~80C adjustable
Frequency 40,000Hz
Power supply AC110~130V, AC 220~240V, 50/60 Hz
Tank material SUS304, 2mm thickness
Shell Material SUS304, 1mm thickness
Others With drainage, basket, lid
N.W./ G.W. 54KG/ 75KG
Warranty 1 year& tech support for life


Main Features

1) Tank materail is SUS304 with 2mm thickness, Human hand argon welded, Sturdy and durable resistance to high tempearture
2) 50W industrial transducers, outstanding cleaning effects
3) External ultrasonic generator
4) Power adjustable, choose different power according to different cleaning objects
5) Digital timer: 1~99hours timer adjustable. continious working for long time.
6) With memory function, no need to reset time and temperature every time.
7) 20~80C adjustable, 9KW heating panel, faster cleaning
8) Industry use power cord, more safer.
9) Can bear 50~100KG cleaning objects

10) Accessories: Machine with stainless steel basket, drainage, lid, movable castors.



Q - Will sonics in a rinse tank w/o soap continue to remove embedded debris?

Absolutely. While detergents aid in the formation of the bubble, cavitation is still very effective in plain water or demineralized water. Where there is cavitation there can still be cleaning.

Q - Are there rules for racking parts- material, coating, or part orientation?

Yes. Never put the parts on the bottom of an ultrasonic tank. You will prevent the correct movement of the diaphragm and interfere with the creation of ultrasonic energy. You can also subject the parts to damage. Parts should be racked in a basket or work holder designed to handle your specific part. This is very important in high end cleaning systems where you want the cleanest part possible. You should always use a stainless steel basket, as softer materials will absorb the ultrasonic energy. Never use plastic or other soft materials. If your part is easily damaged or scratched, stainless steel racks with Nylobond or Teflon coatings are available. Parts should be arranged in a single layer, this gives the cleaning fluid an opportunity to circulate and remove particulate from the immediate area of the part. When removing the parts from the cleaning solution a single layer prevents the upper parts from shedding particles on the lower parts. Never put the parts on the bottom of an ultrasonic tank. This is like putting your thumb on a speaker diaphragm in a radio. You will prevent the correct movement of the diaphragm [bottom or side of the tank and interfere with the creation of ultrasonic energy.

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