2L Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine Ultrasonic Injector Clean Diesel CarInjector's Carbon

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AG SONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: TB-200
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 1pcs/carton
Delivery Time: 3 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3000pcs/month
Tank Capacity: 10 Liters Tank Size: 300x240x150mm
Frequency: 40Khz Timer: 1-30min Adjustable
Heater: 20-80c Adjustable Certificate: CE, RohS, FCC
Woking Life: 5-8 Years Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks


2L Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine Ultrasonic Injector Clean Diesel CarInjector's Carbon


Auto Parts Cleaning machine

We are manufacturing and supplying of Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaners. We offer a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners. These are Single or Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaners, which are both manually operated & fully automated systems. Further, the machine is widely used and appreciated by our clients due to its professional dependability and user friendliness.


Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing is the only fuel injector cleaning method that guarantees reliable and measurable results. No other injector cleaning method can claim such results. The goal of fuel injector cleaning is to remove hydrocarbons and deposits from the internal components of the fuel injector.
Even with the proper tools, professional fuel injector cleaning equipment and specialized ultrasonic cleaning solutions it takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes to properly clean the injectors. GDI or Direct Injection fuel injectors takes even longer.


How does ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning work?

The ultrasonic cleaning system sends high frequency sound waves through a cleaning solution. This frequency leaves micron sized super heated bubbles in the sound waves wake. When these bubbles collapse against the fuel injector components the heat and energy of their implosions together with the fuel injector cleaning solution work like millions of little scrub brushes. This scrubing brush action remove dirt and oxidation from the internal surface of the contaminated fuel injector parts.


Application of ultrasonic cleaner:

  1. Car service: Flushing carburetors, injectors, injectors, fuel filter mesh cleaning (petrol), individual parts, assemblies, and entire blocks.
  2. Medicine: Washing and polishing of optics, sterilization and cleaning of surgical instruments, vials, dental and pharmaceutical industries; cleaner reusable, molds.
  3. Engineering: Cleaning of parts, pipes, wires, etc. before finishing, machining parts and components to the preservation, processing of parts after reopening, welding, grinding, polishing, cleaning strainers in the fuel and hydraulic systems, deburring parts.
  4. Instrumentation: Washing and polishing of optics, precision mechanics components, integrated circuits and printed circuit boards.



1 x ultrasonic cleaner

1 x SUS basket

1 x SUS lid

1 x power cord

1 x English instruction manual


Product specifications:

Model Tank size Unit size Volume Ultrasonic power Ultrasonic frequency Heating power Timer Heating temperature
LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (kHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
TB-50 150x135x100 175x160x210 2 60 40 150 1-30 0-80
TB-100 240x135x100 265x165x220 3.2 120 150
TB-150A 300x150x100 325x180x225 4.5 180 300
TB-150B 300x150x150 325x180x280 6.5 180 300
TB-200 300x240x150 325x265x280 10.8 240 450
TB-300 330x300x150 360x325x285 15 360 450
TB-400 500x300x150 530x325x285 22 480 600
TB-500 500x300x200 530x325x325 30 600 600


  1. Timer-controlled ultrasonic
  2. Movable basket
  3. Reduce liability
  4. Automatic cleaning
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Built-in thermostatically controlled heat
  7. Stainless steel lid
  8. With digital timer and heater
  9. 1 Phase/120VAC or 1 Phase/240VAC Standard

Q. "Will ultrasonic cleaning remove the contaminants on my parts?"

A. The answer to this question relies almost entirely on the bond strength between the part, and the contaminant. If the contaminant has no physical or chemical bond to the surface, then ultrasonic cleaners will capable of removing it. However, if the contaminant has a strong bond to the part, such as that found with burned carbons, then a detergent must be selected which will have the ability to loosen the bond to a degree where the ultrasonic cleaner can easily remove it. This is why the use of proper cleaning fluids is so important in the ultrasonic cleaner.


Q. "Which ultrasonic frequency would be most appropriate for my application?"

A. This depends upon many factors, including part size, contaminant, material of construction of the part, and others. Traditionally, the heavier the part, the lower the ultrasonic frequency in use. The more detailed the part, the higher the frequency which should be used. This is one of the advantages of our ultrasonic cleaner, which includes more than 1 frequency in the same tank. allows us to provide scrubbing power, without sacrificing penetration and detailed scrubbing action.


2L Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine Ultrasonic Injector Clean Diesel CarInjector's Carbon 0

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