Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine With Wash Rinse Dry Ultrasonic Parts Washer Cleaner

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Agsonic
Certification: CE
Model Number: AG1108
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiation
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10-20days
Supply Ability: 100pcs/month
Frequency: Multi Frequency Drying: Ultrasonic Cleaning
Tank Design: Ultrasonic Parts Washer Cleaner Heater: 20-95℃ Adjustable
Automatic: Automatic System Optional Sovent Recycle: Filter System Optional To Move Oil
Use: Degreasing Mobility: Ceramic Car DPF Cleaner
High Light:

industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine


industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine With Wash Rinse Dry Ultrasonic Parts Washer Cleaner
Steps 1 and 2: Rinsing and/or rust prevention:
Most commonly, the second and third stainless steel tanks are used for primary and secondary submersion rinsing operations.

In this configuration, the system can provide zero-residue cleaning results when the second rinse tank is supplied with purified or deionized water. In rinse/rinse configurations, tanks are designed in Reverse Cascade Overflow Format which greatly reduces the consumption of water since both rinse tanks share the same water supply.

In clean/rinse/rust dip/dry systems the second tank can be manufactured for use as a dipping bath for immersing parts in rust preventative fluids to prevent corrosion of such parts.

Step 2: Drying:

The fourth tank features a partially-recirculating, high volume drying system. This includes a core electric heater and blower that direct hot air straight to the cleaned parts, thus maximizing drying speed. Parts are dried more by air volume than by excessive heat which means that operators can handle parts baskets soon after completion of the drying process, without the need for a lengthy cooling period. The system also includes a 4" gated exhaust to channel moist air out of the drying tank and a stainless steel cover to keep the drying environment contained. A specifically designed air duct system prevents liquids from entering into the system.

Our multi tank ultrasonic cleaning systems combined with the hot air dryer can be used as an effective part cleaning line by housing heated cleaning solution, cascading DI rinse water, and a final cascading DI rinse water with a final hot air dry step. The process would move from left to right: the parts would be cleaned, rinsed, rinsed and then dried.


The clean tank can be optionally equipped with pump filter systems which provide 5 micron filtration of the alkaline cleaning passivation solution. The common configuration shown is 3.5 gallon tanks, but any size tanks can be used in similar configuration use.


Ideal to clean rust,carbon,pait,heavy oil,fruit agricultural chemicals and other things hard to clean, without damage to parts inside tank.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning mahine with filtration system, remove heavy oil from the surface.

Avoid re-pollution for your goods.

Liquid cycle can save cost and improve efficiency.


Application Features: suitable for continuous cleaning; Cleaning, rinsing and drying can be completed


Machine equipment system includes replaceable transducer box and generator. The transducer box and generator can be both build-in or separate but work together to operate ultrasonic cleaning process with transducer box immersible mounted in fluid tank, one side or both side or bottom mounted inside the tank. The number and placement of transducers is selected to give maximum results in any parts cleaning tank with any cleaning load. Specification of tank dimension and transducer boxes are custom made available. Either for mould of parts cleaning can receive perfect cleaning efficiency. Stainless steel basket is optional.


Application in Diesel Particulate Filter washing car part and metel part as below.

Automatic manufacturing semi-product and product cleaning

Automatic repair cleaning including engine,gear box,connecting rod,oil pump,crust,disc break,turbo supercharger,fuel injector,gearing,bearing and other components

Cleaning product after processing by boring and grinding machines


Ideal for car parts washing, engine block cleaning,workshop sonic bath cleaning.

Ideal to clean rust,carbon,pait,heavy oil, without damage to parts inside tank with suitable cleaning liquid.


AGsonic 3 stage unit (multi-tank) ultrasonic cleaner machine

Industry Cleaning objects
jewelry Jewelry, diamond, gold, silver products,
machinery Moulds, precision parts, pressing parts, camera parts, bearing, hardware tools
electronics PCB board, electronic parts, TV parts, computer parts
Auto industry engine parts, gear box, shock absorber, auto nozzle, cylinder, valve
Dental& Medical dental tools, medical tools, injector, surgery tools, dropper, glass container
Plating& painting polishing parts, SUS cutter, tableware, plating
Food industry Oven tray, boiler, bottles, bottle cap, filters
Optical& watch maker optical lens, eyeglass, sunglass, metal, gold, jewelry, diamond, watch band, watch cover, watch hand
textile spinneret plate, rubber parts, plastic molds, toy
others seal, flapper, coins, pottery, bank card, IGBT


AGsonic make rinsing tanks and dryer tanks to dryer after rinsing, such as for tank capacity of 50L,100L,150L,200L or even bigger tank. Multi tanks with different functions by each unit work together to approach maximum cleaning efficiency.

Take 3-tank ultrasonic cleaner as example:

1st ultrasonic cleaning tank

2nd rinsing tank after rinsing(or add a second rinsing tank for thorough rinsing)

3rd dryer tank


Specification details as follows:

1st ultrasonic tank: installed with ultrasonic cleaning transducers to operate cleaning process by ultrasonic transducer vibration.

2nd Rinsing tank: It has a continues supply of water by supplying water from the bottom, and dirty liquid flow away from the surface of the liquid.


Specification details:


Model T-2048G T-2072G T-2144G
Ultrasonic Tank Dimension(mm) 550X400X350 600X500X450 1000X600X600
Rinsing tank dimension(mm) 550X400X350 600X500X450 1000X600X600
Max. Capacity 77L/tank 135L/tank 175L/tank
Construction Case SUS304 (Mirror shining image available)
Construnction Tank SUS304
Transducer Number 48pcs 72pcs 144pcs
Ultrasonic power(Max.) 2400W 3600W 7200W
Ultrasonic frequency 40kHz 40kHz 40kHz
Temperature range 20~80C adjustable    
Heating power 6KW 12KW 24KW
Timer 1~99h 1~99h 1~99h
Drain 3/4" Valve    
Lid & Basket Available, material: SUS304    
Cleaning Tank voltage AC220V/AC380V 3phase    
Generator Voltage AC110V / 220V 1phase    
Features With double tank for cleaning and rinsing.
With filtration system
Multi-direction castors with brake;
1 year warranty


Competitive Advantage:

  1. Adjustable ultrasonic power
  2. Original BLT type transducer
  3. dual frequency 40 and 120khz for different cleaning items, gentel but powerful
  4. SUS304/316L tank
  5. Adaptable for continuous operation
  6. Adjustable thermo controller


Q - How close should the parts be to the sonic source?

Optimal spacing to minimize part damage would be to keep the basket two inches away from the radiating surface and one inch from the air to water interface

Q - Is ultrasonic cleaning effective for blind holes and tops of parts?

As long as the liquid in the bath can find its way into blind holes then the ultrasonics can and do work in blind holes and on top of the parts.

Q - What impact does agitation or turbulation have on the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning?

In order to answer this question correctly, it is necessary to differentiate between agitation and turbulation. In cleaning, agitation is defined as moving the parts being cleaned in an up and down or side to side motion while immersed in the cleaning bath. Turbulation refers to the relative movement of liquid in an otherwise static liquid bath as created by underwater sprays (eductors), filtration returns, and other actions. Both agitation and turbulation may be beneficial in immersion cleaning without the use of ultrasonics. When using ultrasonics, agitation usually enhances cleaning by sweeping away contaminants initially released by the action of ultrasonic cavitation and implosion. Turbulation, on the other hand, is usually detrimental to ultrasonic cleaning. A shearing action within the liquid disturbs the ultrasonic field thereby reducing the ultrasonic effect.

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