Large Saw Blade Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 540L Continuous Operation

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGSONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-72S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1UNIT
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs / Month
Material: Stainless Steel 304 Application: Remove Oil
Option: Ultrasonic Cleaning Industry: Saw Blade Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Power: 5400W Heating Power: 12KW
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Large Saw Blade Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 540L For Continuous Operation


Why need saw blade Ultrasonic Cleaner

Saw sales and service company serving a wide range of manufacturers, including furniture makers, closet organizers and skateboard companies. The company is known for restoring saw blades to their very sharpest edge possible, but the old cleaning process required to remove “wood pitch” before even starting the assessment and sharpening stages required extensive soaking and exposed staff to safety hazards and harmful chemicals.
AGSONIC saw blade cleaning process has changed greatly – from an overnight soaking in a toxic solution plus a thorough morning hand cleaning to less than 30 minutes in an ultrasonic unit.

Customer feedback :
Our pledge is to give our customers the most bang for their buck, and AGSONIC helps me deliver on that promise.”
— Saw Company

Ultrasonic is a faster, safer way to clean circular saw blades.


Saw Pro and Saw Pro Plus Saw Blade Cleaner can clean multiple blades up to 35” in diameter, often in as little as three minutes. Then, blades can be dipped in a rust inhibitor, flash-dried and prepared for assessment and sharpening.
• Cleans even the toughest substances from the dirtiest blades
• Streamlined process increases efficiency and productivity
• No soaking or hand cleaning
• Uses safe water-based solutions
• No training required

ultrasonic saw blade cleaner provides the ability to clean blades up to 23” in diameter or 35” if placed vertically.

Delivering and using clean parts is not always obvious. Certainly, no one wants to handle a dirty part or install it into a critical machine, but dirt, debris and contaminants can cause problems for manufacturers and end users. From the merely frustrating to catastrophic, dirty parts can cause critical components to exceed tolerances and even fail damaging valuable equipment and property while contamination (everything from grease, oil and chemicals to viruses and bacteria) can seriously harm users.

How Saw Blades is cleaned with a sonic cleaner
Sonic cleaners come with beakers that sit inside the basin part of the unit. Multiple beakers may be filled at once to enable cleaning many pieces simultaneously. Note that there is no difference when using one beaker compared to multiple as it relates to overall cleaning quality. Make use of the space you have in the sonic cleaner to save on cleaning time by using multiple beakers.
The cleaning solution mix should follow manufacturer recommendations for brass items. Fill beakers roughly halfway to the top and then place the brass parts inside, ensuring that they are completely submerged.
Use your Saw Blades sonic cleaner’s recommended cleaning cycle – often 480 seconds or 8 minutes per cleaning cycle. For optimal cleaning, you may need to run up to three cycles. After the cycles have completed the cleaning solution should be carefully drained, leaving the brass in the beakers.
Next, remove the Saw Blades from the beaker and carefully rinse it to remove any residue.

Sawblades Cleaning Machine and what can be cleaned by Ultrasonic ?
Ultrasonic cleaning involves the use of high-frequency sound waves (above the upper range of human hearing, ) to remove a variety of swwblades contaminants from parts immersed in aqueous media. The contamination can be dirt, oil, grease, buffing/polishing compounds and mold release agents, just to name a few. Materials that can be cleaned include saeblades ,metals, glass, ceramics and so on. Ultrasonic agitation can be used with a variety of cleaning agents.
Typical applications include removing sawbaldes chips and cutting oils from cutting and machining operations, removing buffing and polishing compounds prior to plating operations and cleaning greases and sludge from rebuilt components for automotive and aircraft applications.
Ultrasonic cleaning is powerful enough to remove sawblades tough contaminants yet gentle enough not to damage the substrate. It provides excellent penetration and cleaning in the smallest crevices and between highly spaced parts in a cleaning tank..


What ultraosnic can do ?
Ultrasonic cleaners remove dirt, oils, lubricants, carbon, rust,and other types of grime that build up on engines and mechanical parts. Grooves, internal passageways, seals, and other hard to reach areas are cleaned easily, eliminating hours of disassembling and reassembling complex parts. Carburetors, pistons, cylinder heads, aluminum parts, and brake calipers are a few examples of components that are cleaned thoroughly with no manual scrubbing in an ultrasonic cleaner

It’s efficient, clean, green and cost-effective.
Most importantly, it works.
A powerful cleaning solution is now as simple as soap, water and some mighty little bubbles.
Ultrasonic cleaning technology is fast, gentle and extremely powerful. It uses microscopic cavitation bubbles and specially
formulated eco-friendly solutions to search every crease and crevice and eliminate even stubborn or difficult-to-reach contaminants, including grease, dirt, hydrocarbons, metal
shavings, buffing/polishing compounds, carbon deposits, mold release and more.

Benefits of ultrasonics for Saw Blades :
Cleans delicate parts without damage
Cleans cracks and crevices that would be difficult to reach with the hand
Does not require line-of-sight for effective cleaning
Doesn’t use harsh chemical solvents that are dangerous for workers and the environment
Safe for aluminum, magnesium and zinc
Biodegradable cleaner
Clean multiple pieces at once without having to brush by hand – saves time and money


AG ultrasonic cleaning machine effectively and thoroughly clean all types of Saw Blades Cleaning

Mainly application:
Applied for ultrasonic cleaning of engine parts, block,Semiconductor wafer, optical glass, clocks, beads and any other plastic, metal parts, anyway, the cleaning parts can immerse into the water without damage.

1. Tank materail is SUS304 with 2mm thickness, Human hand argon welded, Sturdy and durable resistance to high tempeartureFeatures:

2. 50W industrial transducers, outstanding cleaning effects

3. Built-in generator

4. Power adjustable, choose different power according to different cleaning objects

5. Digital timer: 1~99mins timer adjustable. continious working for long time.

6. With memory function, no need to reset time and temperature every time.

7. 20~80C adjustable, powerful heating panel, faster cleaning

8. Industry use power cord, more safer.

9. Can bear 100~200KG cleaning objects

10. Accessories: Machine with stainless steel basket, drainage, lid, movable castors.

How to use :
Fill with water in the ultrasonic tank, add some detergent as directions.
Set up time and tempeature;


Why Use Cylinder Head Engine Block Cleaning ?
Agsonics is renowned for their professional cleaning service to the motor industry.

How does ultrasonic cleaner technology clean?

Cavitation bubbles are vacuum cavities as tiny as red blood cells, or about 8 thousandths of a millimeter across. They are so small that it would take 1,250 of them lined up in a row to reach 1 cm long.

Under pressure of continuous vibration, these bubbles stretch and compress at a fast rate. Once they reach a certain size, as determined by the frequency and strength of the sound waves produced, the bubbles lose structural integrity and collapse violently. When these implosions happen near a surface, the bubbles emit high-powered streams of plasma that travel at more than 500 miles per hour and collide with, agitate and remove even very tiny particles and substances from that surface.



How the Saw Blade System Operates:

The system operates in the following manner:

In a process termed "cavitation", micron-size bubbles form and grow due to alternating positive and negative pressure waves in a solution. The bubbles subjected to these alternating pressure waves continue to grow until they reach resonant size. Just prior to the bubble implosion, there is a tremendous amount of energy stored inside the bubble itself. Temperature inside a cavitating bubble can be extremely high, with pressures up to 500 atm. The implosion event, when it occurs near a hard surface, changes the bubble into a suction jet about one-tenth the bubble size, which travels at speeds up to 400 km/hr away from the hard surface. With the combination of pressure, temperature, and velocity, the jet frees contaminants from their bonds with the substrate. Because of the inherently small size of the jet and the relatively large energy, ultrasonic cleaning has the ability to reach into small crevices and remove entrapped soils very effectively.


What is cavitation?

"Cavitation" is the rapid formation and collapse of millions of tiny bubbles (or cavities) in a liquid. Cavitation is produced by the alternating high and low pressure waves generated by high frequency (ultrasonic) sound. During the low pressure phase, these bubbles grow from microscopic size until, during the high pressure phase where they are compressed and implode.

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