SUS Material Ultrasonic Cleaner For Ceramic Anilox Rolls Ink Remove

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGSONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-48S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1UNIT
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs / Month
Machine: Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaner 70L Application: Anilox Roller Cleaning
Frequency: 28KHZ Size: 1450×450×250
Name: Anilox Ceramic Rollers Option: Clean 2 Roller At A Time
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SUS Material Ultrasonic Cleaner



SUS Material Ultrasonic Cleaner for Ceramic Anilox Rolls Ink Remove


As peculiar your printing system may be, and regardless of the quality and printing inks used, AG SONIC provides a cleaning solution that minimizes your ink consumption and its internal rejections for quality.

We specialize in the cleaning of anilox cylinders, and all types of printing tools and rollers, as our solution is focused on the specific softness required by each type of material.


Cleaning Commercial Printing Equipment with Ultrasonics


Improve your printing production time and extend the life of your anilox rolls and sleeves with the regular use of ultrasonic cleaning.

Using ultrasonics is one of the only ways to clean the individual microscopic ink cells on rollers. To efficiently and effectively clean these and other printing parts, AG SONIC has developed methods that are able to be used with both aluminium and steel sleeves and rollers, as well as with all inks (including water-, solvent- and UV-based inks).

Ultrasonic cleaning saves money and minutes, resulting in faster production times. This cleaning method is effective at gently eliminating contaminants in the hard-to-reach spots of even the most intricate parts, extending their lives.


Brief introduction:

- with Heater and Timer

- motor rotation system

- adjustable power (control by generator)

- adjustable temperature

- tank made of 2MM Thick 316L stainless steel, good resistant to highly acid, alkaline


Machine with the rotation system:

Ultrasonic cleaning is an exceptional technique that facilitates the cleaning process. It is an exceptionally thorough process which cleans efficiently various items. This powerful process can perform very detailed work quickly and successfully remove microscopic particles from hard surfaces. External as well as internal surfaces, blind holes and crevices, can be cleaned simultaneously and uniformly. Greasy, oily and sticky parts are efficiently cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning unit.

Ultrasonic cleaning cleans better, faster and is environmentally safe since it uses a water based cleaning solution. It often replaces the conventional solvent cleaning process.


Tips for Cleaning Dirty Rollers Using Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaners

Ultrasonic anilox roll cleaner is the most efficient device and method for anilox roll cleaning. This is a tested and proven method for cleaning most of the components which are tough to be cleaned in a normal way.


As Anilox Roll ultrasonic cleaning technique is a fastest method that cleans up to 90% of the product, this is widely used strategy all around the world. Additionally there is no need to let the people watch the cleaning process as the ultrasonic anilox roller cleaning device which is employed for the task, handles it all on its own and provides labour saving benefits.

An ultrasonic anilox cleaning machine reaches to the depth of the roller and clears any residues of the ink or liquid from the holes, cervices, internal chambers which is nearly impossible to be cleaned efficiently with any other device.

The waves of ultrasonic go through the microscopic cell openings disturbing the cleaning liquid deep in the cavities of the cell to remove the settled and dried ink from every bottom corner of the roller.


How to get best Cleaning Effect For Anilox Roll

To get the best cleaning results, it is recommended to make use of a heated cleaning solution in an ultrasonic anilox cleaner which is specifically formulated for the cleaning task at a specific temperature, recommended by the industry experts.

As ultrasonic anilox roll cleaner are mainly designed for anilox rollers, proper care need to be taken to prevent any damages.


Flexographic Anilox Rolls Ultrasonic Cleaner provides a pre -determined frequency operated on its own with low voltage supply which maintains a stable distribution split from a line fluctuation which results in a hot spot being shifted up and down to prevent the damage due to the concentration of the power at one point on the roller.

Flexographic Anilox Rolls Ultrasonic Cleaner Product Description

Flexographic Anilox Rolls Ultrasonic Cleaner Specifications:

Item Name Powerful Anilox ultrasonic cleaner
Model T-36S
Ultrasonic Frequency 40 Khz
Ultrasonic Power 1800 W
Heating 2400W
Tank Capacity 185 L
Tank Dimension 1650×450×250 mm
Tank Material 2mm Thick 316L stainless steel
Shell Material stainless steel
Discharge drain have
Button controls Timer, Heating control, Motor control, Power switch
Product Dimension 2050×550×600 mm


Main introduction of anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine:

After long time printing, Mesh blockage is likely to result in ink, paint, glue and other dirt coating, in this case, if the mesh cannot be cleaned thoroughly, the printing effect will be effected, printing cannot work normally, anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine can do perfect cleaning by ultrasonic cavitation, which can cause jetting force from tiny bubbles in exploding, the contamination will be removed totally, after several minutes cleaning, the anilox roller can come back to its origin, the ultrasonic intensity is visible under controlling, the anilox roller can spin in sitting the tank top, which can avoid axis of anilox roller immersion during cleaning, the spinning force also can fall off the dirty easily in driving, AG SONIC design rubber roller at two sides to drive the anilox roller in spinning as couples, which is separately controlled, is easier in operation, maintenance.


The cleaning method of anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine:

Coat the concentrated detergent on the surface of anilox roller according to the clogging degree

After several hours, put the anilox roller into the ultrasonic cleaning tank

At last, rinsing the anilox roller by cleaned water

Or put the detergent into the cleaning tank directly, its ratio depends on the clogging degree,

Ultrasonic have perfect cleaning effect, which can keep the anilox roller as clean as its new, AG SONIC can make to order, pls provide the diameter of your anilox roller and its anix. Also the max length of it to make a customized service


Features of anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine:

Cleaning rollers, anilox, ceramic anilox, metal anilox in various industries tank made of 2MM thick 316L stainless steel, resistant to acid, alkali corrosionMotor rotation system to drive the aniloxsuitable for ceramic anilox / metal anilox with overflow protection and water drain system Tank and shell made of quality stainless steel Professional testing, quality assurance Build-in timer, temperature controller and counter down buzzer high quality components, clear circuit
perfect to clean roller, anilox integrated design, easy maintenance Customized design and configuration are ok

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