360L 3600W Ultrasonic Cleaning Device Oil Grease Rust Dust Removing With Filtration System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGSONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-72S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1UNIT
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs / Month
Material: Stainless Steel 304 Application: Engine Cylinder Head Clean
Option: Motor Oil Cleaning Industry: Ultrasonic Cylinder Head
Tank Capacity: 360L Frequency: 28khz
High Light:

stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner


ultrasonic parts washer


360L 3600W Ultrasonic Cleaning Device With Filtration system Oil Grease Rust Dust Removing

Customize a suitable machine for yourself

We have many customers with there different need of the machine, so cutomize the functions are very important.

The functions we provide normally.

1. Filter System: The most popular function for the heavy oil cleaning, like the engine/ carburetor/ heating exchanger.

With a smaller filter tank and filter bag to keep the water or detergent in ultrasonic tank clean.

Bubbling System: Usually use with the filter, some heavy sediment like scrap iron, bits of woods can not flow into the filter tank, so we need blow them onto the top of water and filtrate them.

Pump and Filtration Systems

A pump and filter system can be installed to maintain the cleanliness level of the cleaning fluid, thus saving costs in water usage, detergent dosing and heating.

Benefits of ultrasonics for filters:
Cleans delicate parts without damage
Cleans cracks and crevices that would be difficult to reach with the hand
Does not require line-of-sight for effective cleaning
Doesn’t use harsh chemical solvents that are dangerous for workers and the environment
Safe for aluminum, magnesium and zinc
Biodegradable cleaner
Clean multiple pieces at once without having to brush by hand – saves time and money

Transducer Efficiency

The efficiency of the transducer used in your ultrasonic cleaning tank will affect both the cleaning time and efficiency achieved during the cycle. A poor quality transducer will use more power and take longer to clean items than an advanced transducer.

Ultrawave have invested a significant amount of time and money into the design and development of our transducers, providing you with superior cavitation performance.

Ultrasonic Power

The level of ultrasonic power is commonly referred to in ultrasonic Watts per litre capacity. For example a 30 litre tank with 600W of ultrasonics will give 20W/litre.

In general, the level of ultrasonic power should not be less than 8W/litre although this can sometimes be reduced for very large tanks.

Ultrawave measure the power of our ultrasonic systems in RMS. This gives the total power of the transducers. Some manufacturers measure the ultrasonic power in “peak to peak” which doubles this value so it is important to compare the same measurements


Ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves to create millions of small bubbles in a tank of cleaning solution. The parts to be cleaned are submerged in the solution and as the bubble are formed and “explode” they remove any dirt, grease, carbon etc. This method also works very well. The one disadvantage that I noticed with ultrasonic cleaning is that aluminum parts do not come out of the cleaning tank looking like new. They seem to have some discoloration to them even though they were clean. If you are going to paint the parts then this shouldn't matter.

Engine Parts Cleaning, Car Engine Parts Cleaning, Truck Engine Parts Cleaning, Motor Bike Engine Parts Cleaning.

AGSONIC specialising in providing Ultrasonic cleaning services and products to the industrial sector utilising the latest ultrasonic cleaning technology.

The Engine Parts division specialises in the Ultrasonic Cleaning of Engine Parts, Car engine parts, Truck engine parts and Motor bike engine parts to both trade customers and individuals throughout the World.

Our Ultrasonic cleaning process, can effectively clean the following components- Aluminum castings, engine blocks, Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, Engines, Engine Components, Gear Boxes, Filters, Tubes and Valves.


AG ultrasonic cleaning machine effectively and thoroughly clean all types of Filter Cleaning

ultrasonic tank models for your choice:

Model Tank size Unit size Volume Ultrasonic power Frequency Heating power Timer Heater
LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (kHz) (KW) (MIN) (℃)
T-12S 500x300x250 640x440x470 38 600 28/40 1.5 1-99







T-18S 500x350x350 640x490x570 61 900 1.5
T-24S 550x400x400 690x540x620 88 1200 3
T-30S 600x450x400 740x590x620 108 1500 3
T-36S 600x500x450 740x640x670 135 1800 4.5
T-48S 700x500x500 840x640x720 175 2400 6
T-60S 800x600x550 940x740x770 264 3000 7.5
T-72S 1000x600x600 1140x740x820 360 3600 9

 360L 3600W Ultrasonic Cleaning Device Oil Grease Rust Dust Removing With Filtration System 0

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