Bearing Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Stage Ultrasonic Tank 150L 40Khz

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGSONIC
Certification: CE
Model Number: T-2036S
Minimum Order Quantity: 1UNIT
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs / Month
Material: Stainless Steel 304 / 316 Application: Ultrasonic Washing Machine
Option: 2 Stage Ultrasonic Tank Industry: Bearing Metal Part Clean
Cleaning Time: 20minutes Specification: 150L 40Khz
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Bearing Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner


2 Stage Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner


150L ultrasonic bearing cleaner


Two Steps Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner For Injection Mold Cleaning 28KHZ Mount 2 Side Transducer


How Does It Work?
Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to generate cavitation in the liquid. The resulting energetic bubble action penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination adhering or embedded on the solid surface. Contaminants can include dust, dirt, oil, pigments, grease, polishing compounds, flux agents, soot, and more.
Cleaning Sequence
BATH 1: Pre-cleaning and Hot Degreasing
Complete removal of various forms of surface contamination by means of ultrasound and hot cleaning solutions.
BATH 2: Rinsing, Grease/Cleaning, Solution Removal
Rinsing of residual grease/dirt and cleaning solution from the component to avoid cross contamination of subsequent bath.



Thoroughly Cleaning Bearing Metal Part 2 Stage Ultrasonic Washing Machine


Multi Stage Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaners

Why Use Ultrasonic Cleaner

The current practice involves use of chlorinated solvents like TCE, PCE etc. that are the choice solvent used through the industries in their cleaning process. Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning System are very popular due to their good solvency, lower heat of evaporation, high or absence of flash point, non-corrosive nature, relative stability & compatibility with metals & glass. However all chlorinated solvents are hazardous to human health & environment.Some chlorinated solvents are suspected to cause cancer (Carcinogenic) over prolong exposure. Being hazardous to health their usage has come under intense investigation from pollution control & health authorities & has already been banned by developed countries. This has lead to shift to alternative cleaning technology based on aqueous solvents.


How does ultrasonic filter cleaning work?

Don’t replace filters when they become clogged with dirt, grease or other contaminants; ultrasonic cleaners can restore many types of filters to look and function like new. Ultrasonic parts washers are particularly effective for filters made of metal or plastic mesh; the gentle yet powerful process is much less damaging than traditional cleaning methods that use a brush and high-velocity chemical cleaning solutions. Ultrasonic cleaners use water based solutions that won’t damage filters yet reach every crack and crevice for the best possible clean. Ultrasonic cleaning uses a process called cavitation where microscopic bubbles form from ultrasonic waves, then implode on the part’s components; thereby vigorously yet gently scrubbing and cleaning surfaces and crevices. No matter how stubborn the build-up, your filters will be restored to full working capacity.


2 Tanks Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner How does ultrasonic filter cleaning work?


Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasonic: above the range of human hearing) to agitate an aqueous or organic medium (cleaning chemistry) that in turn acts on contaminations adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics. Contaminants can be dust, dirty, oil, pigments, grease, polishing compounds, flux agents, fingerprints, soot wax and mold release agents, biological soil like blood, and so on


2 Tanks Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner How does ultrasonic filter cleaning work?


Ultrasonic cleaning can be used for many applications, including plastic parts, bearing, bolts, rubber parts, internal parts, plastic injection molds, transmission parts, and final cleaning of all engine parts prior to assembly, the versatility of ultrasonic cleaning machine make them the perfect choice for automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, engineering and many other industries

Benefits of ultrasonics for filters:

Fllter Ultrasonic Cleaner Specifications:Ultrasonic Cleaning and Drying


Operating an Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner System

Ultrasonic cleaners are available in numerous sizes based on the capacity of the cleaning solution tank, and can range from tabletop models to industrial-sized floor models. Regardless of size they are equipped with ultrasonic generators that excite tank-mounted transducers that create millions of microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. These implode on contact with the filters being cleaned to blast away contaminants from any surface wetted by the ultrasonic cleaning solution. Depending on models, ultrasonic filter cleaning equipment such as available have timers, temperature controllers, sweep and degas options. Rinse stations and drying stations are also available for assembly line filter cleaning.

Here’s a simplified series of operation steps for ultrasonic filter cleaning equipment. Modifications can be made based on specific filter cleaning requirements.


It is efficient and requires less handling of parts – reducing the need for disassembly in order to clean.

AG ultrasonic cleaning machine effectively and thoroughly clean all types of Filter Cleaning

ultrasonic tank models for your choice:

3600 Watt Double Tank Parts Washer Cleaning Drying Rinsing Oil Filter Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Stage Ultrasonic Washing Machine Specification

Model No.


Ultrasonic tank size(mm)

730 x 480 x 760 mm

Rinsing tank size(mm)

730 x 480 x h760



Ultrasonic power


Heating power


Transducer numbers


Ultrasonic frequency

28khz or 40khz


0~30min adjustable


20~80C adjustable


Stainless steel 304

Power supply

AC220V, 3phase , AC380V/415V 3phase


Filtration system

















Bearing Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Stage Ultrasonic Tank 150L 40Khz 0


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